Thursday, June 24, 2010

Confirming Membership List

Marlene, Mary, and I are trying to eliminate excess spending of EMHS money. This project was initiated at the first 2010 meeting, by asking all members new and old to make out a new application form so we could update our files. We have found out that this did not eliminate the problem and we are still sending snail mail (as well as email) newsletters to people that we do not have an application form for. Some of these people are long standing members of the club and if they have not paid dues or made out an application we know it is an oversight. For this reason Mary is going to make a list of all people that have made out a new application. At the meeting on July 15th at Pat and Bill's I will read that list aloud. If your name is not called we will be asking you to talk with Mary and/or Marlene at the meeting to resolve the issue.

We are also asking that anybody with email to please let us email the newsletter to cut down on ink, paper, envelopes, and stamps. We are using a full book of stamps for each mailing and would like to cut down that cost if possible.

Please help us by confirming your membership status at the meeting on July 15th.  If you will not be at the meeting that day, please confirm by emailing me at .

Thank you for your cooperation,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

July 2010 Newsletter

Note from the President- I want to thank Joanna Kovalcsik for hosting our first summer meeting of 2010. Joanna’s gardens were beautiful, the weather was perfect, the food was fantastic as always, and seeing our Hosta friends was a great treat as well.

I also want to thank Jim Vrable and Rob Canning for donating the Hosta for the raffle at our last meeting. That raffle netted the club $111.00 to use towards speakers, outings, door prizes, and other EMHS activities. Thanks also go to Barb Hunter and Becky Hanner for being our ticket sellers at the meeting.

All of the donations of door prizes are greatly appreciated. You make a lot of people happy with your thoughtfulness.

I have set the date of July 22nd for our tour to Applewood Estate. We will plan to meet at the Estate at 9:00AM to avoid being in the sun during the hottest part of the day. It will also have us released in time to do other things that day. We have to have at least 10 people in our group for the guided tour. This outing is free. All you have to do is drive yourself to Flint or find a ride with another person going. If you are interested in attending this EMHS outing please contact Glen at to verify you will be going. I will update the status at our next meeting.

Cathy and Mick will order more 2010 Hosta Stones as they are ordered. If you are interested in purchasing a 2010 Hosta Stone with Stuart Asch’s “Seducer” on it, please contact them at

It is also time to think about the EMHS Annual Plant Exchange scheduled for Sept 2, 2010. Divide your plants now and they will have time to bulk up before the meeting in Sept. This meeting is a favorite with a lot of nice plants in the Exchange. Any Hosta or other companion plant is welcome. Remember, no Bishop’s Weed, Lily of the Valley, or other plants that have taken over your gardens should be exchanged. Please don’t burden others with your noxious weeds.

Pat is doing better so she and Bill will be hosting our July meeting. Hope to see you there.


Next Meeting- Our July meeting will be at the home of Pat Salk and Bill Kaputska, 1945 Dryden Rd. Metamora, MI 48455 (Ph) 810-678-3519. Pat and Bill will open their gardens at 3:00PM for those wishing to arrive early to view the Daylilies in bloom. Networking will begin at the regular time of 6:00PM, refreshments will be served at 6:30PM, and the meeting will start at 7:00PM. Pat and Bill ask that you bring your own chair.

From Lapeer- take M24 South to Dryden Rd. (County Road 62), turn Left (East) onto Dryden and drive 2.5 miles to the house.

From East or West- take I 69 to M 24, turn South and drive 5.5 miles to Dryden Road. Turn Left (East) and drive 2.5 miles to the house.

Refreshment Committee for July- is Marilyn Balabon, Ann Oprea, and Sue Karp

EMHS Bus Trip to Ohio- Mark says that there are still seats open on the bus for anybody wanting to join in on the trip. You can view the blog’s May Newsletter for the complete itinerary. Call Mark at 810-631-4292 or email him at for more information.

Dates to mark on your calendar-

June 19- MHS Garden Walks Tour in Marshall, MI (Battle Creek area)

June 23-26 – AHS National Convention in MN

July 10- MHS Hosta Cut Leaf Show and Plant Sale at MSU

July 15- EMHS Meeting at Pat Salk and Bill Kapustka's in Metamora

July 17/18- EMHS Bus Tour to Ohio (Van Wade's and another nursery)

August 5- EMHS Meeting at Carol Leonard's in Leonard, MI

August 22- Fall workday and auction at Hidden Lake Gardens

September 2- EMHS Meeting, Annual Plant Exchange at Pace Gardens in Clio

EMHS Officers:

President Glen Pace  989-244-4029

Vice-President Carolyn Pickard (no email) 989-871-2873

Treasurer Mary Smith  989-871-9833

Secretary Marlene Daniels  810-664-8317

Past President Mark Hanner  810-631-4292

Fund Raising Organizers
Mick and Cathy Hodgson 810-664-8985

EMHS Meeting Minutes June 3, 2010

Meeting was held at the home of Joanna Kovalcsik

Refreshments- were served at 6:30PM

Meeting called to Order at 7:05 by Glen

Bus Trip- Mark Hanner gave an update on the July 17th bus trip to Wade and Gatton and other Ohio Nurseries. 24 people have signed up and more seats are available.  People will meet at Lapeer East at 7:30 AM and the bus will leave at 8:00AM.

Hosta Stones- Cathy and Mick Hodgson will be ordering more 2010 Hosta Stones as they are ordered.  Please contact them if you want to order one.

Applewood Estate visit- Don Mosher talked about visiting the Mott’s Applewood Estate. Glen to decide on date and send out email to verify members interested in going and set up the date/time. We must have at least 10 people go to have a guided tour.

Raffle- Jim Vrable donated 5 streaked Hosta and Rob Canning donated Hosta “Goodness Gracious” for a raffle. The raffle netted the club $111.00.

Door Prize Drawing- Multiple plants were donated as door prizes. The drawing ensued and many people went home with new free plants.

Next Meeting- will be at the home of Pat Salk and Bill Kaputska in Metamora on July 15th. They will open their gardens at 3:00 PM for those wishing to view the Daylilies in bloom. The meeting times will be as usual.

Adjourned at 8:00PM