Saturday, August 14, 2010

September 2010 Newsletter

Note from the President- September marks the end of our Hosta Season and in the near future we get to look forward to months of cold weather. Planning for changes you want to make next year is a good past time.

I want to thank Carol Leonard for hosting our August meeting. Carol’s gardens are beautiful and her donation of a bottle tree is appreciated (especially by Barb Hunter) almost as much as her graciousness as a hostess.

A big thank you also goes out to Richard and Maria Rowland for the donation of the beautiful glass garden sculpture, Judy Lamphere for the glass flower garden piece, as well as all of who donated plants for door prizes. It is your generosity that makes the door prize drawing so much fun.

I look forward to seeing you at our September 2nd Meeting at Pace Gardens in Clio. This is our annual plant exchange and will be a lot of fun for every member in attendance.


Next Meeting- Our next meeting will be September 2nd, 2010 at Pace Gardens, 2426 Delwood Dr. in Clio, MI 48420 Ph 810-687-2512.

From North or South take I-75 to exit 131 (Montrose/Clio exit), turn East and drive 5.5 miles to Bray Rd. Turn Left (North) and drive 1.3 miles to Delwood Dr. Turn Left (West) and drive to the forth house on the left.
From the East or West take I-69 to I-75 and go North. Then follow the directions above.

This meeting is our annual plant exchange. This is a favorite meeting amongst the membership as it gives us the opportunity to go home with a selection of new and different plants. Last year we went through the names a number of times for people to go pick out another plant from all the plants donated. The more plants we have donated the more times we can pick names from the jar, so bring lots of Hostas or companion plants to donate for the drawing. We do ask that you do not bring any invasive plants such as Bishops Weed (Aegopodium), Lily of the Valley, Houttuynia (Chameleon plant), etc. A good Rule to follow is; if you have more of it than you know what to do with, we probably don’t want it in our gardens. Networking will start one hour earlier (5PM) because of shortened daylight hours. Meeting will start promptly at 6PM.

Bob Solberg- EMHS has contracted Bob Solberg for a presentation on September 23rd, 2010. This presentation will be at the regular meeting place of The Mayfield Twp. Hall located at 1900 N. Saginaw in Lapeer. It is the first building north of the cemetery and is just south of the point of Saginaw and M-24.

Bob will be speaking on Mini Hosta and Growing Hosta in Containers. He will also be bringing plants to sell.

We will start gathering at the hall at 5 PM to allow time for people to purchase Hosta before the presentation. We will serve refreshments at 6 PM and the presentation will begin at 6:30.

The Saginaw Valley Hosta Society will be joining us for the presentation, so I am asking that all EMHS members bring a dish for the refreshment table.

We are anticipating a large turnout and look forward to sharing a presentation with SVHS. We all share a common interest and this is a great opportunity to share a speaker with both groups.

Directions from Saginaw area;

Take I-75 South to I-69 East (Exit 117A). Drive 22.6 miles to Exit 155 Lapeer/M-24. Turn Left (North) onto M-24 and drive 4.5 miles to N. Saginaw Road. Turn Right (South) on M-24 (this is a point and the turn will be sharp) and drive 0.4 miles to the Mayfield Twp. Hall on the left. The EMHS sign will be at the driveway.

Allergic Reaction- one of our members had an allergic reaction to food at one of our meetings. We are asking that anybody bringing refreshments please note on the food if it contains any common allergens, i.e. nuts, sugar substitute, dairy, etc. This should prevent this from ever happening to any of our friends again.

Illness in our membership- Barb Hunter was taken to the hospital and has now been released. Please keep Barb in your thoughts and prayers. We wish her the best for a speedy recovery.

EMHS Officers:

President   Glen Pace 989-244-4029

Vice-President   Carolyn Pickard  (no email) 989-871-2873

Treasurer   Mary Smith 989-871-9833

Secretary   Marlene Daniels

Past President   Mark Hanner 810-631-4292

Fund Raising    Mick and
Organizers       Cathy Hodgson    810-664-8986

Meeting Minutes August 5th, 2010

The meeting was held at the home of Carol Leonard in Leonard, MI

Networking and touring the gardens 6PM-6:30 PM

Refreshments 6:30 PM- 7:15PM

Called to order at 7:15 PM by President Glen Pace

Thanks given by Glen Pace to Pat Salk and Bill Kapustka for the meeting held at their home last month and them dealing with the bad weather and still providing a wonderful place to hold the meeting. Thanks also given to Carol Leonard for hosting this meeting.

Bus Trip to Ohio- Mark Hanner gave a short synopsis of the Bus Trip to Ohio and the places visited during that trip. All attendees had a wonderful time on this trip. We will consider doing this trip in the future.

Applewood Tour- Glen Pace gave a synopsis of the Applewood Tour. 25 people attended this outing. We will consider doing this tour again.

Allergy Reaction- Glen asked that people bringing dishes for the refreshments please mark them if they contain common food allergens, i.e. nuts, sugar substitutes, dairy, etc. One of our members had an allergic reaction after a meeting and this would hopefully alleviate the issue from occurring again.

Bob Solberg- Presentation will be at Mayfield Twp. Hall on September 23rd at 5PM. Bob will speak on Mini Hosta and growing Hosta in containers. He will be bringing plants for sale. SVHS is giving EMHS $200 toward the cost of the presentation and will be invited to join us. All EMHS members are to bring food for refreshments as the SVHS members will be travelling a long distance to get to the meeting.

Raffle- Raffle ticket brought in $125.00. Thanks to Richard and Maria Rowland for donating the glass sculpture and Judy Lamphere for donating the glass flower. 

Door Prize-  The door prize drawing was held and many went home with new garden treasures.  Thanks to Carol Leonard for the bottle tree and all others that donated plants as door prizes.

Next Meeting- September 2nd at Pace Gardens. Our annual plant exchange. Members to bring plants for the exchange. Meeting will begin at 6PM instead of our regular 7PM. Networking will begin at 5PM.

Meeting adjourned 8:00 PM

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 2010 Newsletter

Note from the President- This newsletter will be short and to the point. I want to apologize that the newsletter is coming out so late. I had been so busy with the Applewood Tour and trying to keep my own gardens watered that the time escaped me and I am now doing the newsletter on a weekend when I should be in bed trying to get sleep for my shift at the hospital.

Our meeting last month at Pat Salk and Bill Kapustka’s was a wet meeting for sure. They got some much needed rain the day of our meeting and although some people had to seek shelter in their cars and wait for the rain to let up so they could make it to the barn, we had a great turnout.

Pat and Bill’s gardens are beautiful! Those of you that missed the meeting missed out seeing some fantastic Hosta specimens.

A big thanks goes out to Mick and Kathy Hodgson for the gift of a Hosta cell to kick off another growing contest.

The raffle was very successful and the club more than covered the cost of the plants and made some more money to help with our future speakers fund.

Mark will give an update of the Ohio Bus Tour at the next meeting, but from what I have seen those of us that couldn’t make it really lost out.

The Applewood Tour was a great success with 25 people touring the Mott Estate.

Dates to Remember-
August 22- Fall workday and auction at Hidden Lake Gardens
September 2- EMHS Meeting, Annual Plant Exchange at Pace Gardens in Clio
September 23- Bob Solberg Lecture about mini Hostas at the Mayfield Twp. Hall. The Saginaw Club is going in with us on this venture and we will have a large meeting turnout. Bob will be bringing plants to sell at this meeting so we will be starting the meeting at 5 PM.

Next Meeting- Our next meeting will be at the home of Carol Leonard. The address is 1660 Fox Knolls Road, Leonard, MI 48367 Ph 586-752-7360. Directions to get there from the corner of M-24 and I-69;

South on M-24 for 14.3 miles
Turn Left at E. Burdick St and drive 0.3 miles
Continue onto Lakeville Road 5.8 miles
Turn Right at N. Rochester Road and drive 1.1 miles
Take the 2nd Left onto Brewer Road and drive 1.4 miles
Turn right onto Fox Knolls and it will be 0.3 miles to 1660 Fox Knolls Rd with the house being on the left.

We hope to see everybody at the meeting on August 5th. We will use our usual times; 6 PM networking, 6:30 PM Refreshments, and 7 PM the meeting will start. There will be another raffle of two more of the Streaked Hosta I purchased from Bob Axmear of Hosta Library fame. I will also donate another one of the mature Hellebores from my own collection.

EMHS Officers:
President Glen Pace 989-244-4029
Vice-President Carolyn Pickard (no email) 989-871-2873
Treasurer Mary Smith 989-871-9833
Secretary Marlene Daniels 810-664-8317
Past President Mark Hanner 810-631-4292
Fund Raising Mick and Cathy Hodgson 810-664-8986

Respectfully submitted,
Glen Pace
EMHS President