Wednesday, November 22, 2017

December 2017 Newsletter

Note from the President- Hopefully all of gardens have already been prepped for the winter months we are facing.  Removing the old dead foliage from your Hosta at this time of year makes it much easier to clean the beds in spring because you don’t have to deal with the Hosta leaves and those leaves are not providing a food source for the slugs that all Hosta lovers abhor.   Another menace for the Hosta gardener is the vole which during will tunnel just under the mulch and eat the crown of the plant sometimes totally killing a plant during a single winter.   Clearing the garden will help deter these little rodents from attacking your gardens. 

Winter also gives us the “down-time” from our garden chores which allows us the chance to go through plant catalogs to find new plants for our gardens.  Take the time to write down what plants you want and where you found it listed because if you don’t order it right when you see it you may forget where you found it whether it be in a catalog or in a computer search.   These lists also become a great way to cut plants from the want list because our want list is generally a lot longer than our available planting space and/or what our wallet allows. 

The September 14th Annual Plant Exchange was a lot of fun with many plants to choose from for the exchange, wonderful food for the potluck, and an opportunity to visit with friends.  Thank you all for sharing!

EMHS is closing the 2017 year with the Annual Holiday Festivities and Gift Exchange on December 14th, 2017 at the Mayfield Township Hall in Lapeer, MI 48446.  This is our biggest potluck of the year so please bring your favorite dish to pass and plan on having a lot of Holiday fun.  The details of the event are covered later in this newsletter.

I want to thank all of the people who donated plants, crafts, and other items to the raffle and door prize drawings.  The monthly raffle drawings are one of the fund raisers for EMHS and the door prize drawings are an added bonus for members and visitors attending the meetings.

The Fund-Raising Committee of the Mick and Cathy Hodgson and Gene Arms have done a fantastic job organizing the Annual Plant Sales and have already made the selections for the 2018 sale.  Thank you, Mick, Cathy, and Gene, for your work on this project. 

EMHS Members that shared their gardens with the group for the summer meetings are the best!   We all learn something from every garden we get to visit and hosting a meeting is a great way to let our members see what you can teach the rest of us. 

Next, I want to thank all of the people that brought food for the potlucks throughout the year.  One of the things EMHS is known for is the fantastic potlucks at the monthly meetings and this year was no exception.

Another thank you goes out to the EMHS Board.  This dedicated group of members continues to direct the entire group in an onward and upward fashion.  At our annual Board Meeting, we discuss the plans for the next year which takes a number of hours, but ask you, our members to share your thoughts and ideas of what you would like to see planned for future meetings of EMHS.   At every meeting, we ask if there is any other topics of discussion, this is your chance to share your ideas or you can tell any Board Member so your thoughts can be shared. 

Per the EMHS by-laws 2018 is the year for elections for the Board positions of EMHS President and Treasurer.   Barb and myself have both agreed to stay on in our respective positions for the next two years but ask that anybody interested in running for the positions of President or Treasurer please notify any EMHS Board member of your interest.  Elections will take place at the May 10, 2018 meeting. 

Lastly, I want to thank you, our members, for being the kind, helpful, sharing people you are toward each other and especially to our visitors.  Because of this, our club continues to grow and with that growth comes the ability to contract new speakers which in turn assists us in our “Purpose” which is, to promote the interest of hostas and shade gardening; to extend horticultural education and activities to its members and the community.

See you at the December 14th meeting,
Glen Pace
EMHS President

Next MeetingThe Annual Holiday Festivitieson December 14, 2016 at the Mayfield Twp. Hall, 1900 N. Saginaw, Lapeer, MI 48446.  This is our regular meeting place located just south of the point of M-24 and N. Saginaw, (the driveway just north of the Cemetery). 
The time schedule for the evening is;
1700-   Open doors to Hall for Decorating
Networking, set-up refreshments, Sign-in
   Welcome and Introduce Visitors Dinner Served
   Business Meeting
1945    Gift Exchange

This annual event is always a lot of fun and a great way to end the year for the club.  The Club will provide the meat (ham) and table set-ups.  We do ask that everybody bring a dish to pass as this is our biggest potluck of the year. 

We will be doing the gift exchange as we have done in the past.  If you are interested in exchanging gifts, all you have to do is bring a wrapped non-gender-specific gift with a value of $10.  All the gifts will be laid at the front of the room and during the party we will call names from the sign-up sheet of the people who brought gifts.  When your name is called you go pick out a gift.  Nobody is required to bring a gift for the exchange, but if you do not bring one please understand that you will not be able to place your name on the list to pick one out.  This is the only way to assure that all people who bring a gift will receive one.

Review the September 14th, 2017 Meeting Minutes on the blog.  We will vote to accept the minutes at the December 14, 2017 meeting.

2018 EMHS Calendar of Events    “?” denotes need for topic, speaker, and/or place
Meeting Dates- Places- Speakers/topic      
Jan – no meeting
Feb 08- Mayfield Twp. Hall, ?_____________
Mar – Hosta College – no meeting
April 12- Mayfield Twp. Hall- ?________________
May 10- Mayfield Twp. Hall, ?_________________
June 14- Member Garden Tour, ?________________
July 12-Member Garden Tour , ?________________
Aug 09-Member Garden Tour, ?________________
Sept 13- Annual Plant Exchange, ?______________
Oct 11- Mayfield Twp. Hall, ?_________________
Nov 08- Annual Board Meeting, Whitey’s in Davison
Dec 13- Christmas Party, Mayfield Twp. Hall

Hosting a Summer Meeting- We need volunteers to host our summer meetings.  I will have a sign-up sheet at the next meeting if you are willing to open your gardens to our group and host one of the summer member garden meetings. 

Name Badges- If you need one of the new EMHS name badges, please put your printed name on the sign-up sheet at any meeting or you can email Glen with your request.  Glen will try to have your name badge at the next meeting.  

Club Members selling Hosta or Related Products-
Please call or email to set an appointment before visiting
Brown, Deb- Aeroponic Tower Garden. 
Daniels, Marlene- Bottle wind chimes. 
Hanner, Mark/Becky- Pottery.  
Hunter, Barb- Hosta, Daylilies, Pond supplies. 

Lisik, Phil/Ginger-Hosta, Daylilies, other plants.  

Pickard, Carolyn- Daylilies, Hosta.   


Comments to the EMHS blog:  I am mentioning blog posting to let you know that your comments to the blog can be published too.  All you do is go to the EMHS blog at  and comment to a blog posting which will alert me that you have made a comment.  Once I deem the comment valid for publishing I will okay and it will automatically be posted.  Please note that I cannot edit or spell check your comments, all I can do is to publish, ignore, or delete your comments.  All comments will be screened by me to deter any vulgarity or inappropriate comments being published to the EMHS blog.    Glen

Websites of Interest:
American Hosta Society-
American Hosta Society Convention Website- 
AHS Hosta Library Website-
Michigan Hosta Society Website-
Eastern Michigan Hosta Society blog-
Hosta College Website-

Hosta Society Membership info-
American Hosta Society
,  $30 individual, $57/2 years, $34 family, $62/2 years
Send dues to: Sandie Markland, AHS Membership Secretary, Post Office Box 7539, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Michigan Hosta Society, Dues are $15 per household for up to two people, good for 2 years. Make checks payable to: The Michigan Hosta Society and send to; Michigan Hosta Society, 2509 Wembly Lane, Troy, MI 48084-1280

Eastern Michigan Hosta Society, Dues $5 per year per household, Make check payable to EMHS and mail to: Barb Hunter, EMHS Treasurer, 316 Davis Lake Rd. Lapeer, MI 48746

Saginaw Valley Hosta Society, Dues $20 per year per household, Make check payable to SVHS and mail to:Gordon Burnside, 11640 W Freeland Rd. Freeland, MI 48623

EMHS Board of Officers:
President                     Glen Pace      989-244-4029
Vice-President             Becky Hanner             810-631-4292
Treasurer                     Barb Hunter               810-664-7531
Secretary                     Marlene Daniels         810-664-8317
Past President             Mark Hanner                  810-631-4292
Fund-Raising              Mick & Cathy Hodgson         810-664-8985 

September 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The Meeting – was held at the home of Melva Bond and it was our annual plant exchange.

Networking – 5:00 PM, setup refreshments, sign in and stroll through Melva’s gardens.
Potluck – the meeting was called to order by President Glen Pace at 6:00 PM, and everyone enjoyed a wonderful potluck dinner.

Business Meeting – we had a quick business meeting before the plant exchange.  Glen thanked Melva for opening her home and gardens for the meeting.  Note to members that if your 2017 dues, were not paid please do so before plant exchange, because you must be a member in good standing to take part in the annual plant exchange. 

Approval of minutes – there were no changes to the August 20, 2017 meeting minutes.  Motion to accept the minutes was made by Becky Hanner, and seconded by Steve Balabon. Membership voted to accept the August meeting minutes.

Treasurer’s Report – Barb Hunter, treasurer stated that we had a beginning balance of $XXX.xx, a total income of $XX.xx and no expenditures leaving us with an ending balance of $XXX.xx.  Betty Stange made a motion to accept Augusts’ treasurer report; it was seconded by Becky Hanner. The membership voted to accept the treasurer report.

Calendar of Events – there will be no October meeting. The annual board meeting is at Whitey’s in Davison on November 9 at 11:00 AM any member is more than welcome to attend. The annual Christmas Party will be December 14 at the Mayfield Twp. Hall.

Name Badges – If you need a name badge please sign the available sheet.

AHS President’s Wall Award – Mark Hanner presented the American Hosta Society’s President’s Wall Award to Marlene Daniels and Barb Hunter for their dedication and hard work as Secretary and Treasurer of EMHS.

Plant Exchange – Everyone enjoyed the plant exchange and went home with some wonderful new plants and a few other goodies. $XX.xx was made at the $5.00 table. 

Next meeting – December 14, 2017 at Mayfield Twp. Hall it is the annual Christmas Party.

Adjourned – the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Marlene Daniels, Secretary