Wednesday, November 26, 2014

December 2014 Newsletter

Note from the President-   I want to take this time to thank our 2014 speakers; Jan Everson gave a wonderful presentation of the 2013 MHS Garden Walk and GLHS Tailgate at our February meeting, I gave a presentation about Hosta College at the April meeting, and Joseph Tychonievich gave a great presentation on plants he learned about at Arrowhead Alpines for our May meeting.  I mention the speakers and the topics for those Master Gardeners that need education hours as these presentations fall under MG education needs (see Barb Hunter for more info about MG education hours). 

Also, I want to thank Jim and Lorraine Jessop, Diana O’Riordan, and Pam Walmsley for hosting meetings this year.  Every one of you was the perfect host and our thanks go out to you for your graciousness as a host as well as our acknowledgement of the time and dedication it takes to create the beautiful gardens you all have.  Thanks also to the businesses that hosted EMHS gatherings; Campbell’s Greenhouse in North Branch, Arrowhead Alpines in Fowlerville, and Gee Farms in Stockbridge. 

Thirdly, I want to thank all of the people who donated plants, crafts, and other items to the raffle and door prize drawings.  The monthly raffle drawings are one of the biggest fund raisers for EMHS and the door prize drawings are an added bonus for members and visitors attending the meetings.

Also, the many volunteers that haul Hosta Stones to Hosta College need to be recognized.  The Hosta Stone project managed by Cathy and Mick Hodgson was EMHS’s most organized fund raiser of the year.  Pam Rice of Rice’s Garden Art has retired and therefore the EMHS Hosta Stone Project has come to an end.  The 2015 Hosta Stone featuring H. Rhino Hide” will not be produced as was originally planned and old stones will no longer be available.  Over the years there have been many people who helped haul Hosta Stones to Hosta College in Piqua, OH and this is your thank you for helping EMHS.  Cathy and Mick have organized this project for a number of years and many thanks go out to them for their dedication to the project. 

Next, I want to thank all of the people that brought food for the potlucks throughout the year.  One of the things EMHS is known for is the fantastic potlucks at the monthly meetings and this year was no exception. 

Another thank you goes out to the EMHS Board.  This dedicated group of members continues to direct the entire group in an onward and upward fashion.  At our annual Board Meeting we discuss the plans for the next year which takes a number of hours, but again we brainstormed some exciting ideas for 2015.
Lastly, I want to thank you, our members, for being the kind, helpful, sharing people you are toward each other and especially to our visitors.  Because of this, our club continues to grow and with that growth comes the ability to contract more well-known speakers which in turn assists us in our “Purpose” which is, to promote the interest of hostas and shade gardening; to extend horticultural education and activities to its members and the community.

See you at the December 11th meeting,
Glen Pace
EMHS President

Next Meeting- THE EMHS 2014 Christmas Party will be held on December 11th, 2014 at the Mayfield Twp. Hall, 1900 N. Saginaw, Lapeer, MI 48446.  This is our regular meeting place located just south of the point of M-24 and N. Saginaw, (the driveway just north of the Cemetery). 

The doors will open at 5:00 PM for decorating, Networking at 6:00 PM, Dinner at 6:30 PM, Gift Exchange at 7:30 PM, and Business Meeting at 8:15 PM.  For those wishing to help decorate you can arrive as early as 5:00PM.  

This annual event is always a lot of fun and a great way to end the year for the club.  The Club will provide the meat (ham) and table set-ups.  We do ask that everybody bring a dish to pass as this is our biggest potluck of the year. 

We will be doing the gift exchange as we have done in the past.  If you are interested in exchanging gifts, all you have to do is bring a wrapped non-gender-specific gift with a value of $10.  All the gifts will be laid at the front of the room and during the party we will call names from the sign-up sheet of the people who brought gifts.  If your name is called you go pick out a gift.  Nobody is required to bring a gift for the exchange, but if you do not bring one please understand that you will not be able to place your name on the list to pick one out.  This is the only way to assure that all people who bring a gift will receive one.

Review the October 09, 2014 Meeting Minutes on the blog.  We will vote to accept the minutes at the December 11th meeting.

2015  Calendar of Events     
            *denotes need for topic, speaker, or place
            Jan- no meeting
            Feb 12- Jan Everson at Mayfield Twp. Hall
            March 20&21- Hosta College, Piqua, OH
            April 09- Mayfield Twp. Hall, Speaker-Mike Grenya
            *May 14- Mayfield Twp. Hall, 
                           Speaker____, Topic____
            June 11- no meeting, members will 

                           work Garden Walk on June 13th.
            June 13- MHS Garden Walk hosted by EMHS
            June 18/20- AHS Convention at the Solberg’s in 
                           North Carolina
            June 27- MHS Leaf Show/Sale at MSU
            July 09- Member Garden Tour, at Melva Bond’s 
                            in Bridgeport, MI
            *August 13- Member Garden Tour, Place______
            *September 10- Annual Plant Exchange, Place__
            *Oct 08- Possible Meeting at Mayfield Twp. Hall, 
            Nov 12- Annual Board Meeting
            December 10- Christmas Party at Mayfield Twp. Hall

Consider Hosting an EMHS Meeting- We are in need of hosts for our August 13th and September 10th, 2015 meetings.  Please tell Glen if you are willing to open your gardens to our group for an evening of EMHS fun.

MHS Garden Walk- EMHS will be hosting the 2015 MHS Garden Walk on June 13th.  We will be responsible for coordinating the garden tour for the Michigan Hosta Society.  Gardens in our area can be nominated to the EMHS Board for consideration of becoming part of the tour.  Nominations can be emailed to Glen or any other EMHS Board Member.  EMHS Members will be needed to work the tour sites as well as to provide refreshments at the sites.  The EMHS Board will be working on this project throughout the winter and more will be announced early in 2015.

The Closing of Q&Z- The following information was received from Bob and Nancy Solberg on 11/24/2014.  “Many of you may be wondering about the future of Hostadom with Q & Z Nursery suddenly closing its doors in September. I am happy to announce that Green Hill Farm has formed a partnership with Mark Zilis and his son, Andy and their new tissue culture lab business so that we can continue to bring you great new hostas both to the retail and wholesale trade. This is a big step for us and there will undoubtedly be some growing pains in the next year, so please be patient as we strive to produce the same quality hostas for which we are known.

Name Badges- If you need one of the new EMHS name badges, please put your printed name on the sign-up sheet at any meeting or you can email Glen with your request.  Glen will try to have your name badge at the next meeting. 

The EMHS T-shirts featuring Joseph Tychonievich's Hosta Addiction self-test are $18.00 each for an EMHS Member and $20.00 each for a non-member.  Sizes available are XXL and XXXL.  
The proceeds from the sale of this shirt go to promote our “Purpose” which is, to promote the interest of hostas and shade gardening; to extend horticultural education and activities to its members and the community.

Last of the Hosta Stones- available are 3 Iron colored 2013 Hosta Stones featuring “Indiana Bob" Balitewicz’s Hosta “Krugerrand” and 2 Brown 2012 Hosta Stones featuring Ron Livingston’s H. “Alakazaam” available.  All of the aforementioned stones are for sale on a first come first served basis.  If interested please call Cathy Hodgson.

Comments to the EMHS blog:  I am mentioning blog posting to let you know that your comments to the blog can be published too.  All you have to do is go to the EMHS blog at   and comment to a blog posting which will alert me that you have made a comment.  Once I deem the comment valid for publishing I will okay and it will automatically be posted.  Please note that I cannot edit or spell check your comments, all I can do is to publish, ignore, or delete your comments.  All comments will be screened by me to deter any vulgarity or inappropriate comments being published to the EMHS blog.    Glen

EMHS Business Cards- are still available for members to take for promoting the club.  Ask any Board Member for details.

Club Members selling Hosta or related products;
Please call or email to set an appointment before visiting
Daniels, Marlene- Bottle wind chimes. 810-664-8317,
Hanner, Mark/Becky- Pottery.  810-631-4292,
Hunter, Barb- Hosta, Daylilies, Pond supplies. 810-664-7531,
Lisik, Phil/Ginger-Hosta, Daylilies, other plants.  989-642-5772,
Mitchell, Dyanna- Internet Rep. for Garden Inspired Products. 
Pickard, Carolyn- Daylilies, Hosta.   989-871-2873, robfamily5
Salk, Pat/Bill Kapustka- Daylilies.  810-678-3519,
Smith, Stan/Mary Lou- Concrete leaves.  989-845-3455

Websites of Interest:
American Hosta Society-
American Hosta Society Convention Website-
AHS Hosta Library Website-
Michigan Hosta Society Website-
Eastern Michigan Hosta Society blog-
Hosta College Website-

Hosta Society Membership info-
American Hosta Society
,  $30 individual, $57/2 years, $34 family, $62/2 years
Send dues to: Sandie Markland, AHS Membership Secretary, Post Office Box 7539, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Michigan Hosta Society, 
Dues are $15 per household for up to two people, good for 2 years. Make checks payable to: The Michigan Hosta Society and send to; Michigan Hosta Society, 2509 Wembly Lane, Troy, MI 48084-1280

Eastern Michigan Hosta Society, Dues $5 per year per household, Make check payable to EMHS and mail to: Barb Hunter, EMHS Treasurer, 316 Davis Lake Rd. Lapeer, MI 48746

Saginaw Valley Hosta Society, Dues $5 per year per household, Make check payable to SVHS and mail to: Marge Greskowiak, SVHS Treasurer, 10025 Lakewood Dr., Saginaw, MI 48609

EMHS Board of Officers:President                     Glen Pace                989-244-4029
Vice-President             Pam Walmsley                   no email                         810-964-2311
Treasurer                     Barb Hunter                    810-664-7531
Secretary                     Marlene Daniels        810-664-8317
Past President              Mark Hanner                    810-631-4292
Fund-                          Mick and                    
Raising                        Cathy Hodgson         810-664-8985

Thursday, November 6, 2014

October 9, 2014 Meeting Minuites

The Meeting was held at the Mayfield Twp. Hall in Lapeer, MI on October 9th, 2014

Networking began at 5:00 PM

Called to Order at 6:00 PM.  Everybody welcomed and visitors introduced themselves. 

Potluck/Refreshments were served at 6:00 PM

Meeting called back to Order at 6:50 PM and President Glen Pace introduced Dr. Tony Reznicek as the speaker.

Presentation: “Woodland Treasures from China- in the Wild and in the Garden” by Dr Anton (Tony) Reznicek

Business Meeting Glen Pace welcomed new members from last month’s meeting as well as Joyce Dowd visiting this meeting.  

Approval of Minutes – There were no corrections to the minutes from the September 2014 meeting.  Motion to accept minutes was made by Elaine Rappley and seconded by Cathy Hodgson.  The membership voted to accept the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report – Barb Hunter, treasurer was absent and President Glen Pace gave the Treasurer’s Report.  The club had a beginning balance of $-------. $----- in Dues and $------ from the September Plant Exchange was added.  There were no expenses for September.  The end balance for September is $------.  Motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Mark Hanner and seconded by Jan Zawisa.  The membership voted to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

Name badges – signup sheet was available.  Glen apologized for forgetting to make badges for the members that joined at the September meeting. 

T-Shirts – EMHS/Hosta Addiction, were available in 2 sizes XXL-XXXL.  The shirts are $18.00 each for paid members and $20.00 for non-members.

Hosta Stones – featuring Hans Hansen’s H. “Joy Ride” Members prices are $30 & $35
2012 – The club has 3 Iron and 2 Brown stones still available.  There are no other additional stones or stands in inventory.

2015 Hosta Stone – will feature Don Rawson’s Hosta “Rhino Hide”.  The artist has the pictures and is aware of a small order for delivery before the December meeting.  See Cathy Hodgson to reserve a stone.

Announcements – Mick and Cathy Hodgson were selling plugs of H. “Permafrost” ($2.00 ea) that they acquired when they and Gene Arms visited Q&Z before it closed. 

Rick Goodenough is to speak at the Hosta Hybridizers group on November 2nd at 10:00 AM at Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor.  The presentation is “The Top Ten”. 

Next Meeting – will be December 11th, 2014 at the Mayfield Twp. Hall in Lapeer, MI.  This is our annual Christmas Party.  We will do the gift exchange again this year.  To take part just bring a non-gender specific gift worth $10.00.

The Raffle and Door Prize Drawings were held. 

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 with a motion by Elaine Rappley and motion second by Andrea Czarnik.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Hanner
Fill-In Recording Secretary