Friday, September 24, 2010

Thanks to EMHS and SVHS

Hello EMHS and SVHS Members,
I wanted to take the time after getting home tonight to write and thank the boards of EMHS and SVHS as well as the members and guests that attended the Bob Solberg presentation. I am sure that each of us learned something tonight and a bunch of us also added some new plants to our collections.

A special thank you goes out to Mark Hanner for coming up with the idea and making the call to Bob Solberg to set up this presentation.

The raffle was a fun experience for a number of people as well. Donations were from; Glen Pace, Bob Solberg, Phil Klimowicz, and Bevie & Mark Schmidt from the Cadillac area.

Hopefully this will not be the last time for a joint club venture like this. Please let your board members know what you thought about tonight’s meeting so future plans can be made.

Again, thank you for a great meeting,
Glen Pace
EMHS President

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 23rd meeting update

This update is to announce and remind members of both the Eastern Michigan Hosta Society and the Saginaw Valley Hosta Society of the Bob Solberg Presentation on September 23rd, 2010 at 5:00PM at the Mayfield Twp. Hall in Lapeer, MI.

Speaker- Bob Solberg
Presentation Topic- Mini Hostas and Growing Hostas in Containers

This presentation is a joint venture of EMHS and SVHS to provide its members and guests with a fantastic speaker and the opportunity to obtain some new Hostas for their gardens.

Bob Solberg is the owner of Green Hill Farms in Chapel Hill, NC and has been hybridizing Hostas for many years. Bob’s introductions include; Baby Blue Eyes, Barbara May, Blueberry Tart, Coconut Custard, Cody, Cookie Crumbs, Corkscrew, Cracker Crumbs, Crumb Cake, Deane’s Dream, Final Summation, First Frost, Fried Bananas, Frozen Margarita, Ginsu Knife, Guacamole, Machete, Margie’s Angel, Midnight Moon, Nate the Great, Orange Marmalade, Plug Nickel, Ray of Hope, Roller Coaster Ride, Sharp Dressed Man, Spinach SoufflĂ©, Sun Worshiper, Tiny Bubbles, and Tongue Twister. He will be bringing Hostas to sell before the presentation so plan on arriving before refreshments are served to get your pick of sales plants.

Hosta Sales- 5:00PM- 6:00PM

Refreshments Served- 6:00PM- 7:00PM

Presentation begins promptly at 7:00PM

PLEASE contact Glen Pace at or 989-244-4029 if you plan on attending so the Hall can be set up for the proper number of people.

Driving Directions from the intersection of I-75 and M-46, take M-46 East 26 miles to M-24 South (Mertz Rd.). Turn Right (South) and drive 24.9 miles to the point of M-24 and N. Saginaw Rd. and turn left onto N. Saginaw. It is the driveway just before the cemetery on the left.

If you prefer to take the expressway from the point above, drive South on I-75 31.6 miles to the I-69 East interchange (exit 117A) toward Port Huron. Drive 22.6 miles to M-24 North (exit 155). Turn Left (North) onto M-24 and drive 4.5 miles to the point of M-24 and N. Saginaw Rd. Turn Right onto N. Saginaw, it is the driveway just before the cemetery.

We hope to see all EMHS/SVHS members there,

Glen Pace
EMHS President

September 2, 2010 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at Pace Gardens in Clio, MI

Networking and Touring The Gardens 5PM- 5:30PM

Refreshments served 5:30PM- 6:00PM

Called to Order at 6:05PM by President Glen Pace
Everybody welcomed to Pace Gardens and to the EMHS Annual Plant Exchange

Solberg Presentation- Mark Hanner reviewed the plans for the Bob Solberg presentation on Sept 23rd, 2010 at 5:00PM at the Mayfield Twp. Hall in Lapeer. The Saginaw Valley Hosta Society will be meeting with us at this meeting.

Raffle- tickets sold and drawing done. The raffle netted $156.00 for future club activities. Thank you, Glen Pace, Mark Hanner, Mick and Cathy Hodgson, and Barb Hunter for the donations.

Plant Exchange- More than 150 plants were donated to this year’s plant exchange. Each paid membership left the meeting with at least three plants.

New Members- Venisure Davenport, Jerry Hennessy, Phil Klimowicz, and Michelle Porter joined EMHS at this meeting.

The meeting was not adjourned by the members, but by a higher power, Mother Nature at 7:30PM.

Next Meeting will be on September 23rd, 2010 at 5:30PM at the Mayfield Twp. Hall in Lapeer, MI

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Pace

EMHS President