Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 13, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The Meeting was held at the home of Phil & Ginger Lisik.

Toured Gardens and purchasing of plants at 6:00pm

Welcome/Introduced Visitors and Refreshments at 7:00pm

The meeting was called to order at 8:00pm by President Glen Pace

Approval of Minutes:  Mary Smith said there was a correction to the May meeting minutes regarding the Interlochen bus trip. Correction, “There are still 2 openings available”. After the corrections a motion to accept the minutes was made by Ken Zawisa and the motion was seconded by Nancy Reno. The membership voted to accept the minutes with the correction made.

Treasurer’s Report: Barb Hunter, treasurer, May’s monthly balance as of 5-31-2013 was $??.?? with all outstanding bills paid and all checks cashed.  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented was made by Rhonda Laur and seconded by Marlene Daniels.  The membership voted to accept the treasurer’s report.

Hosta stones:  Last order for 2013 stones is being placed on June 13th.

Nominations for Vice President:  No nominations were presented to the membership. Again Glen Pace has asked the membership to think about volunteering for the position.

Gift from the club:  Cathy Hodgson bought 96 plugs of the new 2013 release Hosta “Sacramento” for $96.00.  Cathy was reimbursed the $96.00 by the club for the plants.  Cathy Hodgson gave a description of the plant and every membership present received one. After, Glen Pace opened it up to the membership to be able to buy the extras for $3.00 each (the wholesale price is $5.00 for each plug).  Cathy, Mick, and Gene Arms will keep the remaining plants until the next meeting so that each paid membership has a chance to receive their club plant.

MHS garden walk is on June 22nd on the west side of the state.

EMHS bus trip to Interlochen is on June 27th. There are still 2 seats available.

Great Lakes Regional Tailgate Party will be held on June 28th-29th in Indiana.

Drawing:  Raffle drawing netted $84.00.  Thank you to Barb Hunter and Gene Arms for donating items for door prizes.

Thank you to Jim Vrable for the free seedlings of Blue Angel x Iron Gate Supreme, Dorothy Benedict x nigrescens (open pollinated).

Next Meeting: July 11th, 2013 at Helen Wischmeyer’s in Vassar

Adjournment:  8:20pm

Respectfully submitted,
Marlene Daniels

EMHS Secretary

Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 2013 Newsletter

Note from the President-  The first week of June brought frost to parts of Mid-Michigan, hopefully none of your plants were damaged by this unseasonably late onslaught by Mother Nature.   Now that we are into the summer months of the year, we will be doing our garden tour meetings.  All of our outdoor summer meetings are potluck meetings so please bring a dish to pass.  Don’t forget to bring your own chair to the meetings.  The meetings will begin at 6:00 PM with touring the specific garden we are visiting and end no later than 9:00 PM.  Please be respectful of the home owners by throwing trash in receptacles, helping clean up after the meeting, and by leaving when the meeting is over unless you have been specifically invited to stay by the homeowner. 

Our last meeting was my presentation on Woodland Wonders.  I hope you all saw plants in that presentation that spurred an interest in this fascinating group of plants.  For those that won one of the plants I donated, don’t be surprised if they go dormant earlier than you would expect as this is a self-preservation reaction by the plants.  They should return next year in the early spring. 

I want to thank those of you that visited Pace Gardens on May 22nd.  If you were an early starter you got to tour the gardens and see some of what makes Pace Gardens unique, but if you decided to stay for the SVHS Meeting you got to hover under the front porch to stay dry. 

The opener to our summer meetings this year will be a treat as we get to visit the gardens of Phil and Ginger Lisik.  If you have never been to the Lisik’s you will be amazed.  There are beautifully planted gardens throughout the property and a sales area that will have busy for some time deciding what you just have to take home.  Don’t forget to bring your favorite dish to pass for the potluck as well as a chair to sit in. 

I hope to see you at the June 13th meeting.
Glen Pace
EMHS President

Next Meeting- Our next meeting will be on June 13th at the home of Phil and Ginger Lisik, 1445 N. Iva Rd., Hemlock, MI 48626,  Phone 989-642-5772.  Touring the gardens will begin at 6:00 PM, Refreshments/Potluck will be served at 7:00 PM, and the Business Meeting will be at 8:00 PM.  
Phil and Ginger have extensive gardens with pathways throughout to give you access to view the plants from many angles.  They also have a large sales area so come prepared to pay via cash or check. 
There are many ways to get from Lapeer area to Hemlock.  I have given the route with the fewest turns and following main Michigan highways.  This is neither the fastest nor the shortest way, just the one with the fewest turns. 
Directions- From our regular meeting place at the Mayfield Twp. Hall- Drive North on M-24 for 24.8 miles to M-46 and turn left (West).  Drive approximately 45 miles (this will take you through Saginaw) to N. Iva Road and turn right (North).  Drive 1 mile to the Lisik’s on the left. 

Seeking Nominations for Officer Position- We are seeking nominations for a new Vice-President.  Nominations will be accepted at the June meeting.
Please consider helping our organization by volunteering to be our new Vice-President.
The duties of the position are; 
Vice President- Assumes the duties of President when the President is absent.  Co-signatory on EMHS checking account, helps set-up hall for meetings, sends thank you notes to speakers or hosts for current meeting. 
If you are interested in helping our club in this capacity you can call Glen, Mark, Marlene,  Mick and Cathy, or Barb to ask any questions you may have prior to the meeting.   

Interlochen Bus Trip- June 27th, 2013 There are a few seats still open for this trip.  If you are interested in going please contact Carolyn Pickard at 989-871-2873 or Mary Smith at 989-871-9833.  Your deposit of $25.00 must be paid ASAP to reserve your seat. 
Itinerary;Bus will leave Meijer parking lot in Birch Run at 8:00 AM (loading begins at 0730)
Stop at McDonald’s in Clare for bathroom break at 9:30 AM
Arrive in Interlochen at 11:30
Stop for lunch in Interlochen
Arrive at Interlochen Perennial Farm at 1:30 PM, tour, shop and reload bus to leave by 3:30 PM
Arrive at Cedar Hedge Gardens, tour, shop, reload bus in 1.5-2 hours.
Arrive back in Birch Run around 8:00 PM

The May Meeting Minutes will be reviewed at the June Meeting and we will vote to accept the minutes at that time.   

Hosta StonesThe last order for 2013 Hosta Stones will be placed soon, please order your stone now.  The hybridizer for 2013 is "Indiana Bob" Balitewicz and the Hosta is Krugerrand.  H. Krugerrand is a large, upright mound, thick bright gold foliage, large leaf 14 X 10 inches up to 171/2 X 131/2 inches, 17 vein pairs, ovate shape, moderately wavy. slightly corrugated, with pale lavender flowers.  The official unveiling of the 2013 Hosta Stone was at Hosta College in Piqua, OH on March 15th, 2013.

There are 2012 Hosta Stones featuring Ron Livingston’s H. “Alakazaam” left this year.  The price is $35.00 for each stone.  We also have two 2011 Stones featuring Van Wade’s H. “American Halo” and one 2008 Stone featuring Gil Jones’ H. “Joshua’s Banner”.  These stones are in natural color and are $30.00 each.  If interested in purchasing any of these stones please call Cathy Hodgson at 810-664-8985.

2013 Calendar of Events:
June 13th- EMHS Meeting, at Phil/Ginger Lisik’s in Hemlock, MI
June 13-15th– AHS Nat’l Meeting, Milwaukee, WI
June 22nd- MHS Garden Walk
June 27th- EMHS Bus Trip to Interlochen
June 28-29th- Great Lakes Regional Tailgate, IN
July 11thEMHS Meeting, at Helen Wischmeyer’s in Vassar
July 13thMHS Leaf Show/Plant Sale, Lansing, MI
July 28thHosta Hybridizers Group, Ann Arbor
            Matthieu Botanical Gardens
August 8thEMHS Meeting, at Rhonda Laur’s in Otter Lake, MI
August 25thMHS Annual Meeting/Workday,
            Hidden Lake Gardens, Tipton, MI
Sept. 12thEMHS Plant Exchange, at the Hanner’s Otisville, MI
October 10th- EMHS Meeting, Mayfield Twp. Hall, Speaker- Joseph Tychonievich
Nov 3rdHosta Hybridizers Group, Ann Arbor
            Matthieu Botanical Gardens
Nov- no EMHS meetingDecember 12th- EMHS Christmas Party, Mayfield Twp. Hall

Club Members selling Hosta or related products;
Please call or email to set an appointment before visiting
Hanner, Mark/Becky- Pottery.  810-631-4292, mhanner@aol.com
Hunter, Barb- Hosta, Daylilies, Pond supplies. 810-664-7531, baha@chartermi.net
Lisik, Phil/Ginger-Hosta, Daylilies, other plants.  989-642-5772, lisik46@yahoo.com
Pickard, Carolyn- Daylilies, Hosta.   989-871-2873, robfamily5@yahoo.com
Salk, Pat/Bill Kapustka, Daylilies.  810-678-3519, daylilyabode@msn.com
Smith, Stan/Mary Lou, Concrete leaves, toad houses.  989-845-3455 smlsmith@chartermi.net

Websites of Interest:
American Hosta Society- http://www.americanhostasociety.org/
American Hosta Society Convention Website- http://www.hosta2012.com/
AHS Hosta Library Website- http://www.hostalibrary.org/
Michigan Hosta Society Website- http://www.hostahappenings.com/
Eastern Michigan Hosta Society blog- 
Hosta College Website- http://ihostohio.com/portal/glhc/

Hosta Society Membership info-
American Hosta Society
,  $30 individual, $57/2 years, $34 family, $62/2 years
Send dues to: Sandie Markland, AHS Membership Secretary, Post Office Box 7539, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Michigan Hosta Society, 
Dues are $15 per household for up to two people, good for 2 years. Make checks payable to: The Michigan Hosta Society and send to; Michigan Hosta Society, 2509 Wembly Lane, Troy, MI 48084-1280

Eastern Michigan Hosta Society, Dues $5 per year per household, Make check payable to EMHS and mail to: Barb Hunter, EMHS Treasurer, 316 Davis Lake Rd. Lapeer, MI 48746

EMHS Board of Officers:
President                     Glen Pace                   
pacegardens@charter.net      989-244-4029
Vice-President          Seeking volunteer   
Treasurer                    Barb Hunter                
baha@chartermi.net              810-664-7531
Secretary                     Marlene Daniels         
gardenfairy50@aol.com         810-664-8317
Past President             Mark Hanner              
mhanner@aol.com                 810-631-4292
Fund-Raising              Mick and  Cathy Hodgson    
cehodgso@hotmail.com         810-664-8985

May 9, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The Meeting was held at the Mayfield Twp. Hall on May 9th, 2013
The doors opened at 5:00 PM
Networking began at 6:00 PM
Refreshments were served at 6:30 PM
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Glen Pace
Glen Pace presented the program Wonderful Woodlanders.
Approval of Minutes: There were no corrections to the April meeting minutes. Motion to accept was made by Ken Zawisa and was seconded by Bill Kapustka. The membership voted unanimously to accept the minutes as written.
Treasurer’s Report:  Barb Hunter, Treasurer, gave the monthly report. Motion to accept the report was made by Michele Porter and was seconded by Pat Maitland.  The membership voted unanimously to accept the treasurer’s report.
Nematode Research:  EMHS gave $500.00 to the Nematode Research Fund. Mark Hanner had no update report as of the May meeting.
Interlochen Bus Trip:  Mary Smith gave an update; they have 41 people that will be going on the trip. At this point there are no longer any seats available.
Saginaw Valley Hosta Society as of the May meeting they were still allowing people to join them on the MI Hosta Garden Walk on June 22nd.  Cost will be $41.00 or $32.00 dependent on the number of participants. If interested please contact Grey Gitzen @ 989-792-0615 or JGreyGzn@aol.com
Nominations for Vice President:  No nominations were presented to the membership. Glen Pace has asked the membership to think about volunteering for the position.
Drawing: Thank you to Glen Pace for donating the Podophyllum Spotty Dottys for the raffle and Maria Rowland for her garden art donation. Also, a big thank you to Glen Pace, Mark Hanner, Gene Arms, and any others missed for donating the many plants for our door prizes.
Next Meeting:  June 13th 2013 will be held at Phil & Ginger Lisik’s home in Hemlock.
Adjournment:  8:50PM
Respectfully submitted,
Marlene Daniels

EMHS Secretary