Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 2011 Newsletter

Note from the President- For the longest time this year we wondered if we were ever going to see spring.  Well, spring came and went so fast that I am not sure that we actually had a spring.  The Trilliums were in bloom for two weeks and they were tattered with frost burn.  The Hostas started emerging and then they got burned by late frost.  Since the Cypripedium orchids are late I really thought they would be in bloom for people to come see after this month’s meeting……….then we got the heat wave and down they went along with some of the first year grafted Japanese Maples.  At Pace Gardens it was 48 degrees at night and the next day was 93.  The day after that it got up to 97.  The heat even killed one of the Cornus “Stellar Pink” that is an eight year old 10 foot tall tree.  One thing about Michigan weather; if you don’t like it just stick around a while, it is going to change!
Our EMHS Annual Plant Sale is over and EMHS made $420.00 profit to further our education efforts.  Thank you EMHS Members for making this year’s sale a great success.
Saginaw Valley Hosta Society has offered to open their Hosta and Companion Plant Sale to EMHS before the public sale dates mentioned later in this newsletter.  I will bring their availability/price list to the June meeting so EMHS can do a group order.  This will save time and confusion for their sale chairman and treasurer.  You will be asked to make out your order on a piece of paper and give Mary your payment.  Mary will then make out a single check to SVHS for the total amount.  I will pick up all plants to have at Pace Gardens for you to pick up instead of you having to drive to Saginaw.  Thank you SVHS for this opportunity!
Thank you Mark for a fantastic presentation at the May Meeting!!!
I hope to see you Thursday June 9th at the meeting.
2011 Calendar of Events
June 9th
- Garden Meeting at the home of Jerry and Bernadette Perrou in Clio
July 14th- Garden Meeting at the home of Carolyn Pickard in Millington
August 11th- Garden Meeting at the home of Dyane Moore
September 8th- EMHS Plant Exchange at the home of Pam Walmsley in Grand Blanc
October 2011- No meeting scheduled
November 2011- No meeting scheduled
December 2011- Annual Christmas Party/Potluck, date to be announced
Next Meeting- is June 9th, 2011 at 6:00 PM at the home of Jerry and Bernadette Perrou, 1078 E. Tobias Road in Clio. 
Directions from the East; Take M-15 to Vienna Road (M-57) and turn West onto Vienna Road.  Drive 8.1 miles to Lewis Road (blinking yellow light) and turn left (South).  Drive 0.5 miles to Tobias and turn right (West).  Drive 0.6 miles to house on left. Directions from the West; From the intersection of I-75 and Vienna Road, drive East on Vienna Road 5 miles to Lewis Road (first blinking yellow light past town) and turn right (South).  Drive 0.5 miles to Tobias and turn right (West).  Drive 0.6 miles to house on left.  Our EMHS Meeting sign will be out at the road.
Vienna Greens Golf Course has given us the authorization to park in their parking lot so there is no longer a need to carpool out of necessity.  It is walking distance to their house (on the right side of Tobias before you reach the Perrou’s) from Vienna Greens and would be a lot safer than parking on Tobias Road.  For those that want to bring refreshments, please be sure to only bring cookies or finger foods as there are no tables for us to use.  Also, everybody please bring your own water or soft drinks.  The Perrou’s do have a bathroom available for our use. 
2011 Recycling Effort- All you have to do is bring your containers to the EMHS meeting and they will be collected for delivery to the drop-off.  Thanks Barb and Jane.
SVHS Plant Sale- SVHS is holding a public plant sale on Wednesday, June 15th, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Andersen Enrichment Center,  120 Ezra Rust, Saginaw, Michigan.  The second sale date is Friday, June 17th, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Downtown Saginaw Farmers Market, South Washington and Thompson.  There will be many varieties of Hosta for sale and Melva has held back only one of each variety of Hellebore, so if you are after the Hellebores, go early.

Hosta Stones- The 2011 Hosta Stones are still available for the Member price of $25 for the plain and $30 for the colored.  For those that are not EMHS Members the prices are $30 for the plain and $35 for the colored.  The stones have to be ordered in advance so please contact Mick and Cathy Hodgson at to place an order.  We also still have a few of the “in stock” stones from previous years that are on sale for the price of $20 each.  Please contact the Hodgsons’ for a list of availability.
EMHS Officers
President, Glen Pace 989-244-4029
Vice-President, Carolyn Pickard (no email) 989-871-2873
Treasurer, Mary Smith 989-871-9833
Secretary, Marlene Daniels 810-664-8317
Past President, Mark Hanner 810-631-4292
Fund-Raising, Mick and Cathy Hodgson 810-664-8985

Friday, June 3, 2011

May 12, 2011 Meeting Minutes

There were 45 people in attendance
Refreshments were served before the meeting.
Called to Order at 6:45 PM
The Presentation- Mark Hanner gave a wonderful informative presentation on Japanese Maples.  The PowerPoint presentation featured pictures of many cultivars, general care of J. Maples, pot culture, and other aspects of this beautiful specie.  Mark’s presentation ended at 7:30 PM.
Business Meeting- New Business
            The EMHS Annual Plant Sale purchases were handed out to those who ordered.  Two purchases are to be mailed via USPS to their respective owners.  Three other orders were given to members that live close to the purchasers so that the plants could be delivered in a timely fashion.
            Glen gave a short recap of the plant sale and announced that EMHS netted $420.00 profit from this year’s sale.
            Bob and Nancy Solberg donated a Hosta “Smiley Face” to be used as a Special Prize Drawing item.  The ticket sales brought in $79.00.  The winner of the plant was Bill Kapustka. 
            Nancy Reno spoke about the Lapeer area Master Gardener Tour.  The tour will be held on July 30th and feature eleven local gardens.  Tickets will be available at the June and July EMHS Meetings.  More information can be obtained from Nancy Reno or Barb Hunter. 
            Barb Hunter announced her annual Memorial Day Plant and Art Sale. 
            Cathy Hodgson announced that she still has 2011 Hosta Stones for sale.
          The Door Prize drawing was held and many went home with new plants, garden items, or other trinkets. 
There was no old business
Next Meeting- is June 9th, 2011 at the Jerry and Bernadette Perrou’s house.  The Perrou’s have a beautiful yard with huge specimen Hostas.  Glen suggested that only cookies or similar snacks be brought to this meeting as there will be no tables, people should bring their own water or soda, and that people car pool as the parking is not good at the location.  Glen is to check with Vienna Greens Golf Course to see if we can park there and walk to the Perrou’s. 
Meeting dismissed at 8:00 PM