Friday, September 15, 2017

EMHS's 2017 Winners of the American Hosta Society's President's Wall Award

Awards Presented at the 9/14/2017 EMHS Meeting

American Hosta Society’s President’s Wall Award
EMHS 2017 Award Winners

We are pleased to honor two of our members this evening.  Both have been part of our Hosta Club for many years.  They have been friends for years, and often are found working together to help with various community and garden activities in the Lapeer area over the years.

Although they were just children when Lady Bird Johnson promoted her Beautify America campaign in the 1960's, they assimilated the message, and have been active participants in several area garden groups, including Master Gardeners, and the Thumb Area Pond and Water Garden groups, as well as our own EMHS.

Recent work includes the marvelous garden over Suncrest, in Lapeer, as well as promoting fairy gardening to generate interest in a new generation of young gardeners.

When EMHS needed officers to help with the jobs of treasurer and secretary, they stepped up to the challenge, and in both critical areas made significant improvements in our club's record keeping and tracking of finances.

It gives me great pleasure to present the America Hosta Society's President's Wall Awards to Barb Hunter and Marlene Daniels.

Glen Pace- EMHS President
Becky Hanner- Vice President
Mark Hanner- Past President

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pictures from the September 14th Meeting

EMHS's September 14th meeting was hosted by Melva Bond.
Below are some pictures taken at the meeting.


Dragonfly garden

Podophyllum "Spotty Dotty"

Driveway entry garden

Lady's Garden

Tropical garden at back of house

Woodland pathway

Woodland pathway and seating area

Front of the woodland gardens

One of the many Hosta gardens

Woodland pathway leading to a gazebo

Hosta Garden

Last of the pix from Melva Bond's gardens
Thank you Melva for sharing your beautiful gardens.

Glen Pace
EMHS President