Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September 2012 Newsletter

Note from the President- We got teased by Mother Nature with a couple of rain showers and now the old girl has dried up again.  While at work (in the city of Flint) this past weekend it was raining a lot, but when I got home I found less than 1/10th of an inch in the rain gauge.  I have given up trying to keep a watering schedule that will sustain the plants in a presentable manner.  As long as the plants don’t die, I am satisfied. 
Our next meeting is September 13th, 2012.  This is our annual plant exchange.  As always we ask you to not bring invasive plants to the meeting as they will not be permitted into the exchange.    We may change the way the plant exchange is done this year, but you can rest assured that you will go home with a few plants to add to your garden.  This meeting is always a blast and everybody leaves with a new plant (sometimes many plants) to use in their own yard.  There are a couple of things to remember about this meeting; bring something to exchange, each membership (single, couple, or family) gets only one name in the drawing canister, look things over as the drawing is being held as we have to go fast to get finished before dark, don’t bring invasive species to trade, don’t bring any plants with known disease or insect infestation, the exchange is not limited to plants, be prepared to have fun, the drawing starts promptly at 6:30 and goes fast, the drawing will be extremely high speed so be ready to jump up and pick out a plant as this drawing goes FAST!
As announced at the last meeting, Barb Hunter has offered to become our next Treasurer.  We want to welcome Barb.  Mary Smith has done a fantastic job as Treasurer and we cannot thank her enough for keeping the books for the club.  Mary is planning on finishing out the year with the job as Treasurer so any money paid will be to her until the official change has been made. 
Thank you Barb Hunter for hosting our August meeting and for having the garage and tents to keep us dry during the rain showers.  Barb’s gardens are always a delight to walk through and the added benefit of choosing which plants you want for your own garden as you walk is delightful.  Barb has a good selection of plants at good prices so I hope many of you took advantage of her sales area. 
I hope to see you at the meeting on September 13th and don’t forget to bring a plant for the exchange, a dish to pass for the pot-luck, a chair to sit in, and be ready to have a good time.

Next Meeting- Our next meeting will be held on September 13th at 5:30 PM at the home of Mick and Cathy Hodgson, 1360 Roods Lake Road, Lapeer, MI 48446, phone 810-664-8985, email .  This is the EMHS Annual Plant Exchange.  Everybody brings at least one plant (or any number of plants), all plants are grouped in one area, each paid membership present gets their name placed in a drawing canister, then when your name is drawn you go pick out any plant from the ones left in the area.  This meeting is always a lot of fun and very fast paced.  Last year every membership present left with at least three plants.  We do ask that you put a name label in each plant you bring.   Invasive plants will not be permitted into the exchange.  Examples of common invasive garden plants are Convallaria (Lily-of-the-Valley), Houttuynia (Chameleon Plant), Matteuccia struthiopteris (Ostrich Fern), and Aegopodium (Snow-on-the-Mountain or Bishop’s Weed).  The aforementioned list is not complete by any means, but is given to let you know what is meant by invasive.  Suggestions of plants to bring are Hosta, companion plants, ornamental trees/shrubs, or garden related items such as ornaments, watering wands, etc.  Touring the gardens will start at 5:30, Refreshments at 6:00, and we will start the drawing promptly at 6:30 PM so we can be finished before dusk. 
We will also have a drawing for a special item.  Tickets will be available at the meeting and the winner will take the item home.    If you would like to donate a special plant or item for this drawing it will help generate funds for future speaker’s fees.
Driving Directions- Take M-24 to Daley Road (this is the first road north of our regular meeting place of Mayfield Twp. Hall).  Turn East on Daley and drive 1.5 miles to Roods Lake Road.  Turn right (South) and drive 1.3 miles to the house on the left.  Please park in the second driveway area where you see the EMHS Meeting sign and walk over to the house. 

2012 Calendar of Events:
September 13th at the Hodgson’s in Lapeer.  Annual Plant Exchange
October 11th at Mayfield Twp. Hall, Rick Adams speaker
November- No meeting scheduled
December 6th at Mayfield Twp. Hall, Annual Christmas Party

Hosta Stones- The 2012 Hosta Stones featuring Ron Livingston’s 2008 introduction H. “Alakazaam” are for sale.  The regular member cost is $30.00 for Natural and $5.00 more for colored.  Non-member price is $35.00 for Natural and colors $5.00 more.  Call Cathy Hodgson at 810-664-8985 to place your order. 
            Cathy is also asking for suggestions for Michigan hybridizer’s for the 2013 stone.  Please direct any suggestions to Cathy.  

Club Members selling Hosta or related products;
Please call or email to set an appointment before visiting
Hanner, Mark/Becky- Pottery.  810-631-4292,
Hunter, Barb- Hosta, Daylilies, Pond supplies. 810-664-7531,
Lisik, Phil/Ginger-Hosta, Daylilies, other plants.  989-642-5772,
Pickard, Carolyn- Daylilies, Hosta.   989-871-2873,
Canning, Rob- Lakeside Hostas.  810-714-1885,
Salk, Pat/Bill Kapustka, Daylilies.  810-678-3519,
Smith, Stan/Mary Lou, Concrete leaves, toad houses.  989-845-3455

Websites of Interest:
American Hosta Society-
American Hosta Society Convention Website-
AHS Hosta Library Website-
Michigan Hosta Society Website-
Eastern Michigan Hosta Society blog-
Hosta College Website-

Hosta Society Membership info-
American Hosta Society
,  $30 individual, $57/2 years, $34 family, $62/2 years
Send dues to: Sandie Markland, AHS Membership Secretary, Post Office Box 7539, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
Michigan Hosta Society,
Dues is $15 per household for up to two people, good for 2 years. Make checks payable to: The Michigan Hosta Society and send to; Michigan Hosta Society, 2509 Wembly Lane, Troy, MI 48084-1280
Eastern Michigan Hosta Society, Dues $5 per year per household, Make check payable to EMHS and mail to: Mary Smith, EMHS Treasurer, 3431 Swaffer Rd, Millington, MI 48746

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Annual Plant Exchange

The Next EMHS Meeting is the Annual Plant Exchange. 
Choose the plant/plants you plan to bring to the exchange with some thought.  No plants such as Lily-of-the-Valley, Bishop's Weed, Chameleon Plant, or any other type of invasive plant will be permitted to be in the exchange.  An easy way to know if a plant is invasive is; if you have more of it than you know what to do is probably invasive.  If the plant you have brought is perceived as invasive we will ask you to remove it from the exchange.

Good choices for the exchange are; newer varieties of Hosta, Ferns, Epimedium, Helleborus, woodland ephemerals, and other companion plants.

This meeting is a lot of fun, but takes time.  Please be prepared for a faster than normal paced meeting.

July 12, 2012 Meeting Minutes

The Meeting was held at Patrick and Patricia Major’s in Goodrich, MI on July 12th, 2012. 

Networking and viewing the Major’s gardens began at 6:00 PM. 

Refreshments were served at 6:30 PM. 

Business Meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM by President Glen Pace.  Visitors and new Members introduced themselves and were welcomed to the meeting by Glen.

Treasurer’s Report- Mary Smith gave a treasurer’s report.  Details can be obtained at any meeting. 

Hosta Stones- an update of Hosta Stone inventory was given by Cathy Hodgson.  Cathy also asked for names of Michigan hybridizer’s to consider for the 2013 stone. 

Opening EMHS Aug Meeting- the Saginaw club may be joining us, as they do not have a volunteer host for their meeting in August.

Open House- Pam Walmsley told us about R&G Landscaping open house, July 21st & 22nd, 9-4

Raffle- Proceeds for EMHS Club activities.  

Door Prize Drawing- thank you to donors by Glen, drawing ensued.

Blog- Glen asked that members please email or call him with information for the blog or newsletter.  Any local garden tours or Hosta related topics can be posted to the blog for informational purposes. 

Next Meeting- is on August 9th, 2012 at Barb Hunter’s in Lapeer, MI at 6:00 PM. 

Garden Tour- all present were invited to tour Rick Adams Daylily Farm on way home from meeting.  Rick had donated H. “Panic in Detroit” for our raffle. 

Adjournment- at 7:45 PM