Wednesday, September 23, 2015

October 2015 Newsletter

Note from the President-   The 2015 growing season is coming to a close.  The flowers of Colchicum are already opening and the Cyclamen hederifolium are in full bloom this week.  The smell of pumpkin is in most every baked good you can think of and I have already seen one farm with the jack-o-lanterns lined up with a for sale sign on them.  If you love the chrysanthemum this is your time of year too as nearly every store has them for sale and most of them are going to look good right through until winter. 

I had decided that this fall I was going to clear cut the gardens and rake everything from the beds to try and make spring clean-up easier.  The leaf litter in the beds is not problem to clean out, but the sticks falling from the trees make for many clogs in the leaf vacuum come spring.  So, if we can get all of the twigs and branches cleared form the beds before all the leaves fall it should facilitate an easier job of cleaning come spring.  Now we will see if I can accomplish that herculean task before the first snowfall.

We want to thank Nancy and Marv Marttila for providing a beautiful setting for our September meeting/Plant Exchange and for being such wonderful hosts.  Hopefully you have all of the plants you won at the EMHS Annual Plant Exchange last month planted in the ground so they can root in before the winter freeze. 

Our October meeting has a special speaker scheduled.  Gene Bush of DePauw, Indiana will present a program on Chasing the Rare and Unusual in Shade Gardens.  This program will start at approximately 6:45 PM and last about an hour with a question and answer period to follow.  Gene is a photographer and writer that has been featured in National Gardening publications, as well as a lecturer to many gardening groups whose presentations utilize pictures from his own garden which was the home of Munchkin Nursery for more than 20 years.  This meeting will be shared with the Saginaw Valley Hosta Society and we expect to have a very large attendance, therefore we will not be doing the typical EMHS potluck but will instead have refreshments of cookies, finger foods, and beverages.  Gene will be bringing plants to be used as raffle prizes so bring money with you to buy tickets for a chance to win one or more of the plants Gene will feature in his lecture.  100% of the proceeds from the raffle are used to further the Purpose of EMHS which is; to promote the interest of hostas and shade gardening; to extend horticultural education and activities to its members and the community. 

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the meeting on October 8th for a fun filled time of education and friendly conversation.


Glen Pace
EMHS President

Next Meeting- Our next meeting will be at the Mayfield Twp. Hall, 1900 N. Saginaw, Lapeer, MI 48446.  This is our regular meeting place located just south of the point of M-24 and N. Saginaw, (the driveway just north of the Cemetery).  The doors will open at 5:00 PM for Networking, refreshments at 6:00 PM, Presentation at 6:45 PM, short break at 8:00, and the Business Meeting at 8:15 PM. 

Directions- As of the day I am writing this newsletter, M-24 through downtown Lapeer is open with 2 lanes.  M-24 is the most direct way to get to the Mayfield Twp. Hall from I-69 as is indicated in the directions below. 
            -From I-69
take exit 155 and turn North onto M-24.  Drive 4.3 miles to N. Saginaw St. (Beacon and Bridge gas station on corner).  Turn right on N. Saginaw St. and make the first left into the parking lot of the Mayfield Twp. Hall
            -From I-75- Take I-75 to I- 69 East.  Drive 22 miles to Exit 155 (M-24) and then follow the directions above.
            -From Saginaw Area- take I-75 south and follow the directions above or take M-46 East to M-24.  Turn right (South) and drive 25 miles to N. Saginaw St.  Turn left onto N. Saginaw and take the first left into the parking lot of the Mayfield Twp. Hall.   
2015 Calendar of Events   
            Oct 08- Mayfield Twp. Hall, EMHS/SVHS
                               Speaker Gene Bush
            Nov 12- Annual Board Meeting
            December 10- Christmas Party at Mayfield Twp. Hall
            February 11, 2016- Mayfield Twp. Hall, 
                              Speaker Don LaFond

Meeting Minutes- The September 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes are posted to the blog.  Please be sure to review them as we will vote to accept the minutes at the October 8th, 2015 meeting.

Name Badges- If you need one of the new EMHS name badges, please put your printed name on the sign-up sheet at any meeting or you can email Glen with your request.  Glen will try to have your name badge at the next meeting. 

The EMHS T-shirts featuring Joseph Tychonievich's Hosta Addiction self-test are $18.00 each.  Sizes available are XXL and XXXL.  
The proceeds from the sale of this shirt go to promote our “Purpose” which is, to promote the interest of hostas and shade gardening; to extend horticultural education and activities to its members and the community.

Comments to the EMHS blog:  I am mentioning blog posting to let you know that your comments to the blog can be published too.  All you have to do is go to the EMHS blog at  and comment to a blog posting which will alert me that you have made a comment.  Once I deem the comment valid for publishing I will okay and it will automatically be posted.  Please note that I cannot edit or spell check your comments, all I can do is to publish, ignore, or delete your comments.  All comments will be screened by me to deter any vulgarity or inappropriate comments being published to the EMHS blog.    Glen

Club Members selling Hosta or related products;
Please call or email to set an appointment before visiting
Daniels, Marlene- Bottle wind chimes.
Hanner, Mark/Becky- Pottery.
Hunter, Barb- Hosta, Daylilies, Pond supplies.
Lisik, Phil/Ginger-Hosta, Daylilies, other plants.
Pickard, Carolyn- Daylilies, Hosta.
     989-871-2873, robfamily5
Smith, Stan/Mary Lou- Concrete leaves.

Websites of Interest:
American Hosta Society-
American Hosta Society Convention-  
AHS Hosta Library Website-
Michigan Hosta Society Website-
Hosta College Website-

Hosta Society Membership info-
American Hosta Society
,  $30 individual, $57/2 years, $34 family, $62/2 years
Send dues to: Sandie Markland, AHS Membership Secretary, Post Office Box 7539, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Michigan Hosta Society, 
Dues are $15 per household for up to two people, good for 2 years. Make checks payable to: The Michigan Hosta Society and send to; Michigan Hosta Society, 2509 Wembly Lane, Troy, MI 48084-1280

Eastern Michigan Hosta Society, Dues $5 per year per household, Make check payable to EMHS and mail to: Barb Hunter, EMHS Treasurer, 316 Davis Lake Rd. Lapeer, MI 48746

Saginaw Valley Hosta Society, Dues $20 per year per household, Make check payable to SVHS and mail to: Marge Greskowiak, SVHS Treasurer, 10025 Lakewood Dr., Saginaw, MI 48609

EMHS Board of Officers:
President                     Glen Pace      989-244-4029
Vice-President             Becky Hanner             810-631-4292
Treasurer                     Barb Hunter               810-664-7531
Secretary                     Marlene Daniels         810-664-8317
Past President             Mark Hanner                  810-631-4292
Fund-Raising              Mick & Cathy Hodgson          810-664-8985

Date:  October 8th, 2015
Speaker:  Gene Bush
Place:  Mayfield Twp. Hall
             1900 N. Saginaw
             Lapeer, MI 48446
Gene E. Bush, tells the complete story of shade gardening based upon thirty-plus years of experience gardening in Southern Indiana.  He also had twenty-plus years as owner of Munchkin Nursery & Gardens, specializing in rare and unusual shade perennials. Gene’s gardens still specialize in native and non-native perennial shade and woodland plants.  This combination of plants forms the casual style of ‘Wild’ gardening. Gene photographs, writes articles, and lectures from personal experience based upon growing this native, non-native mix, of plants.

Gene’s garden writing and photographs can be found in issues of Fine Gardening, The American Gardener magazine of American Horticulture Society, State by State Indian Gardening Magazine. His weekly blog Shade Solutions appears Mondays at . Look for his eBook “Shade Garden Solutions: Eight Essential Problems Solved for Successful Shade Gardening” on

Power Point presentations and lectures are based upon personal gardening experience gained in his north-facing hillside garden. Photos were taken in his garden. He has given presentations to Morton Arboretum, Fernwood of Niles, MI and Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI, along with Indianapolis Museum of Art, and garden clubs such as Master Gardener’s groups. Professional organizations such as Kentucky Nursery & Landscaping Assoc., Perennial Plant Assoc.  are frequent favorites for speaking.

First and foremost, Gene is a gardener having a good time in his garden.

About Gene

My passion as a shade gardener began late in life. To this day I do not know whether shade gardening found me, or I found it. I do know it all began by accident. It began literally by accident 30 plus years ago. I was riding a lawn tractor, attempting to mow on a steep hillside, when the tractor began sliding sideways. An old cedar stump stopped the tractor from continuing over a cliff edge, preventing serious injury. Since mountain goats refused to go up there to nibble grass without a parachute, I decided to plant the area in trees and shrubs.
I then made the mistake of requesting gardening catalogs so I could purchase a few shrubs. The rest, as they say, is history. My addiction to garden catalogs and gardening grows stronger with each passing year. From the beginning I have been fascinated with reading and researching, discovering plants new to me. Then the excitement of the chase; obtaining the plant, experiencing growing it to maturity; and to finally take its portrait.
My garden is a reflection of my tastes and sense of design along with an inherent desire to collect. The desire for something different or unusual continues to fill and enlarge the garden each year, and my passion remains as perennial as my plants.

About the Program on October 8th

Chasing the Rare & Unusual
         in Shade Gardens

Collecting is much like dating.
You become aware; something in your peripheral vision, a mention in a casual conversation, or perhaps a photo. Best yet an actual sighting. One good look and you are hooked. The hormones kick in and the chase is on. You pester your friends for an introduction.  Finally you meet and a new relationship begins to form.
Gene tells all about the loves of his life as a collector of the rare and unusual in his Southern Indiana Shade Garden.
(Rated PG for references of a sexual nature and mild profanity)

Time schedule:
5:00 Doors open
6:00 Networking/Refreshments
6:45 Presentation
8:15 Business Mtg.

Handout for the Presentation
Print your own handout and bring it to the meeting with you

Chasing the Rare & Unusual in Shade Gardens

02        Adonis amurensis                                                        Amur Adonis
03        Adonis amurensis ‘Plena Flora’                                  Double blooming Amur Adonis
04        Adonis on Order                                                         A. d. Hakuju  / A. d. Fukujukai
                                                                                                A. d. Chichibu Beni  / A. vernalis
05        Anemone nemorosa                                                    European Wood Anemone
06        Anemone nemorosa                                                    A. n. Dee Day /A. n. Pallida
07        Anemone nemorosa                                                    A. n. Vestal /A. n. Bracteata
08        Anemone nemorosa on Order                                     A. n. Stars at Night / Royal Blue
09        Anemone nemorosa Viridiflora                                  Green Blooming European Wood An.
10        Anemone ranunculoides                                             Buttercup Anemone / Flore Pleno
11        Arisaema triphyllum                                                    Jack in the Pulpit / 3 color forms
12        Arisaema dracontium                                                  Green Dragon
13        Arisaema ringens                                                         Japanese Cobra Lily
14        Arisaema candidissimum / A. fargessi                        Candy Jack / Farge’s Lily
15        Arisaema thunbergii ssp urashima                               Whiplash Lily
16        Arisaema sikokianum                                                  Snowy Lily
17        Arisaema dracontium                                                  Green Dragon seeds
18        Clematis henryi                                                           Large White Clematis
19        Clematis fremontii / C. pitcheri                                   Freemont’s Clematis /  Pitcher Clematis
20        Clematis viorna                                                           Leather Vase Vine
21        Clematis integrifolia                                                    Clematis integrifolia alba
22        Corydalis solida                                                          Corydalis solida & Companions
23        Corydalis solida / George Baker                                 George Baker Corydalis
24        Corydalis solida on Order                                           Corydalis solida Purple Bird
25        Corydalis malkensis                                                    Corydalis malkensis
26        Cypripedium pubescens                                              Great Yellow Ladyslipper
27        Cypripedium acaule                                                    Pink Ladyslipper
28        Cypripedium x Aki                                                     Aki hybrid ladyslipper
29        Cypripedium x Gisela                                                 Gisela hybrid ladyslipper
30        Cypripedium x Victoria                                              Victoria hybrid ladyslipper
31        Glaucidium palmatum                                                 Glaucidium palmatum
32        Glaucidium palmatum alba                                         White blooming Glaucidium
33        Helleborus                                                                   Hellebore x Gdn Hyb. Single, Double
34        Helleborus niger                                                          H. Christmas Rose / H. Double Fantasy
35        Helleborus foetidus                                                     Bearpaw – Stinking Hellebore
36        Helleborus purpurascens                                             Purple Hellebore
37        Helleborus thibetanus                                                 Chinese Hellebore
38        Hepatica nobilis                                                          European Liverwort
39        Hepatica nobilis                                                          Euro Liverwort – contrasting stamens
40        Hepatica                                                                      Liverwort bloom colors
41        Hepatica                                                                      Liverwort foliage forms
42        Leucosceptrum stellipilum                                          Japanese Shrub Mint
43        Leucosceptrum stellipilum                                          Foliage Close Up / L. s. October Moon
44        Leucosceptrum japonicum                                          Gold Variegated J. Shrub Mint
45        Leucosceptrum japonicum                                          Gold Angel / Silver Angel
46        Lilium canadense                                                        Canada lily
47        Lilium michiganense                                                   Michigan Lily
48        Lilium pardalinum                                                       Leopard Lily
49        Lilium philadelphicum                                                Wood Lily
50        Lilium superbum                                                         Native Turks’ Cap Lily
51        Lilium martagon                                                          Turks’ Cap Lily
52        Podophyllum peltatum                                                May Apple
53        Podophyllum hexandrum                                            Himalayan May Apple
54        Podophyllum pleianthum                                            Chinese May Apple
55        Podophyllum x Spotty Dottie                                     Spotty Dottie hybrid May Apple
56        Polygonatum odoratum multiflorum                          Double Blooming Solomon’s Seal
            Polygonatum humile                                                   Dwarf Solomon’s Seal
57        Polygonatum odoratum variegated                             Variegated Solomon’s Seal
58        Polygonatum unknown variegated form
59        Polygonatum odoratum var. pluriflorum                    Jinguji Red Form
60        Polygonatum sibericum                                               Siberian Solomon’s Seal        
61        Sanguinaria canadensis                                               Bloodroot
62        Sanguinaria canadensis pink form                              Pink Blooming Bloodroot
63        Sanguinaria canadensis Multiplex                               Double Blooming Bloodroot
64        Syneilesis aconitum                                                     Shredded Umbrella Plant emerging
65        Syneilesis aconitifolia                                                 foliage & bloom
66        Syneilesis aconitifolia / S. palmatum                          Leaves
67        Syneilesis on Order                                                     Kikko Variegated Shredded umbrella
68        Trillium nivale                                                 Dwarf Snow Trillium
69        Trillium grandiflorum Plena Flora                               Showy Double Blooming Trillium
70        Trillium recurvatum yellow form                                Yellow blooming Prairie Trillium
71        Paris quadrifolia                                                          Four Leaf Paris
72        Paris japonica                                                              Japanese Canopy Plant
73        Let’s Continue This Conversation

Gene E. Bush

Garden Speaker, Writer, Photographer, Gardener
323 Woodside Dr. NW
Depauw, IN 47115-9039

Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes

The Meeting – was held at the home of Marv & Nancy Marttila and it was our annual Plant Exchange

Networking – 5:00 PM, setup refreshments, sign in and stroll through Marv & Nancy’s gardens.

Potluck – the meeting was called to order by President Glen Pace at 6:00 PM, everyone enjoyed a wonderful potluck dinner.

Plant exchange – Everyone enjoyed the plant exchange and went home with wonderful new plants & a few other goodies. Thank you to Mick & Cathy Hodgson, and Glen Pace also for their generous donations of hosta’s and hosta seedlings.

Business Meeting – after the plant exchange we had a quick break, and the meeting was called back to order by President Glen Pace at 7:30 PM, Glen Pace thanked Marv & Nancy Marttila for opening their home for our plant exchange and sharing their wonderful gardens with our club.

Approval of Minutes (August 13, 2015) – There were no corrections to the minutes from the August 13, 2015 meeting. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Elaine Rappley and seconded by Andrea Czarnik.  Membership voted to accept the August meeting minutes.

Treasurer’s report – Barb Hunter, treasurer, reporting August treasure report, and with a beginning balance of $xxx.xx, a total income of $xxx.xx and total expenditures of $xxx.xx is leaving us with an ending balance of $xxx.xx for August 2015.  Paulette Johnson made a motion to accept Augusts’ treasure report; it was seconded by Carol Leonard.  Membership voted to accept August treasure report.

Calendar of Events – Glen Pace went over the upcoming meetings.  October 8, 2015 will be held at the Mayfield Twp. Hall and will be in conjunction with SVHS.  This meeting will be only cookies, finger foods, and beverages.  Our featured speaker will be Gene Bush presenting “Collecting the Rare & Unusual”.  No meeting in November, the board will meet on November 12th for their annual Board Meeting.  December 10th will be our Christmas Party held at Mayfield Twp. Hall.

T-Shirts – EMHS/Hosta Addiction t-shirts are still available.  See Glen for details

Name Badges – sign sheet if you need one. First one free and replacements are $2.00 each. Please save the magnet from the back of a ruined badge to save cost.

Other Announcements – Barb Colling talked about a car accident scam going on, that she was almost a victim to.  Please be careful about phone calls you receive!

Adjourned – Becky Hanner made a motion to end the meeting and it was seconded by Elaine Rappley, meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM

Respectfully submitted
Marlene Daniels