Monday, March 26, 2018

Meeting Minutes February 8, 2018

The Meeting – was held at Mayfield Twp. Hall

Networking – 5:00 pm doors open, set up refreshments, and sign in, pay dues

Refreshments – The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by President Glen Pace, everyone enjoyed a wonderful potluck.

Presentation – Glen Pace introduced Melvyn Corner. He gave a wonderful presentation on Shrub Propagation.

Break – 7:55 pm

Business Meeting – the meeting was called back to order by Glen Pace at 8:07 pm. Welcome new member Sandy Vukonich.

Treasurer’s Report – Since we had a guest speaker no treasurer report was given. If anyone is interested they can see Barb Hunter, treasurer to see the report.

2017 IRS filing – Was completed on 1/18/2018 and accepted by the IRS.

Hosta College – will be March 16 and 17 this year. The winners of the registration fee giveaway are; Robin Bratton, Deb Brown, Cathy Clark, Marlene Daniels, Barb Hunter, Paulette Johnson. Congratulations to all the of the ladies. There will be no March meeting because of Hosta College

Election of Officers – President and Treasurer are up this year.  Glen Pace and Barb Hunter have offered to stay on in their current positions if there are no volunteers to take either position.

EMHS 2018 Calendar of Events – April 12, Mayfield Twp Hall, Speaker Aaron Strouse on Michigan Waterfalls. May 10 and 11 will be clay projects at Mark and Becky Hanners, more info to follow. Still need hosts for the June 14 meeting, August 09, September 13 meetings.  If interested please contact a board member.

Plant Sale – Cathy Hodgson said that the pre-sales are looking promising.

Next meeting – Will be April 12, 2018, at Mayfield Twp. Hall with guest speaker Aaron Strouse on Michigan Waterfalls.

Meeting adjourned - Bruce Pollard made a motion to be adjourned at  8:22 pm
Respectfully Submitted
Marlene Daniels

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