Thursday, April 19, 2018

Pix from Meeting on April 12

Our speaker at the April meeting was Aaron Strouse of ATS Photography presenting "Waterfallls of Michigan".   Every photo that was shown at that meeting can be purchased.  Just contact Aaron Strouse at . 

Below are a few of the photos we enjoyed at the meetng.  I asked Aaron to water mark the photos being posted to the blog so they could not be stolen from the internet.   Please realize that if you want to purchase a photo it will not have Aaron's water mark on it, just his emblem in the lower corner.
Clicking on a picture will make it bigger.

Canyon Falls #1

Mackinac Bridge Blue Ice #1

Mackinac Bridge #1

Middle Hungarian Falls #1

Quartzite Falls #1

Rock River Falls #1

Rock River Falls #2

Upper Chocolay Falls #1

Upper Chocolay Falls #2

Upper Chocolay Falls #3

Warner Falls #1

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