Tuesday, July 3, 2018

June 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes

The Meeting – was held at home of Cathy Clark in Imlay City

Networking – 5:00 pm tour gardens, pay dues, pick up plants from plant sale and clay creations.

Refreshments – 6:00 pm the meeting was called to order by President Glen Pace, and members enjoyed a wonderful potluck.

Business meeting -6:38 pm Glen Pace thanked Cathy Clark for hosting the meeting and opening her gardens for our members to enjoy.  Members were reminded that 2018 dues needed to be paid.

Approval of minutes – there were no changes to the April meeting minutes. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Pat Maitland and seconded by Bruce Pollard. Members voted to accept the April 2018 meeting minutes.

Treasurer’s report – We had 3 months of reports to present to members, February 2018 beginning balance was $XXX.xx, income of $XXX.xx and expenditures of $XXX.xx leaving an ending balance of $XXX.xx for February. March beginning balance was $XXX.xx, income of $XXX.xx, and expenditures of $XXXxx leaving an ending balance of $XXX.xx.  April beginning balance was $XXX.xx no income and expenditures of $XXX.xx leaving an ending balance of $XXX.xx. Motion and second was made to accept all 3 months of treasurer reports.  Members voted to accept the Treasurer’s teports as given. 

Calendar of Events – July’s meeting will be at the home of Dyane Moore’s home in Vassar.  August meeting will be at Sandy Vukonich’s home in Metamora.  At the end of the meeting Pat Major offered their home for the September / Plant exchange meeting.

EMHS Plant sale – what few hostas remaining will be for sale at $10 each.

After Hosta College Plant Sale – these plants are for sale for $20, see Kathy or Mick Hodgson or Gene Arms.

Pinch Pot class – Glen Pace thanked Mark and Becky Hanner for hosting and teaching the class of pinch pots.  Everyone that participated said it was a lot of fun and best part was they all ended up with a very unique project.

Name badges – Sign sheet if you need one.  Replacements are $2.00, first one is free.

Raffle – the club made $XX.xx on the raffle.

Donations – Thank you to Glen Pace, Barb Hunter, Marlene Daniels, Paul Laidler for donating items for our door prizes and raffle.  If you donated and I didn’t have your name please let me know.

Next meeting – Our next meeting will be held July 12 at the home of Dyane Moore in Vassar.

Adjourned – meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm

Respectfully submitted
Marlene Daniels, Secretary

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