Tuesday, December 17, 2019

December 12, 2019 Meeting Minutes

The Meeting – was held at Mayfield Twp. Hall in Lapeer.

Networking – 5:00 pm, set up Pot Luck, Meeting sign-in, Gift Exchange sign-in, and Decorating
the Hall for the Holiday Party.

Meeting – the meeting was called to order by President Glen Pace at 6:30 pm.  New member Chet Kobylas introduced himself.   The membership enjoyed a wonderful potluck dinner.

Business Meeting – Followed the Potluck.
Approval of Minutes – there were no changes to the September 12th, 2019 meeting minutes.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Steve Balabon and seconded by Dyane Moore. Membership voted to accept the September meeting minutes as written.

Treasurer’s report – Barb Hunter, EMHS treasurer, stated for October we had a beginning balance of $00.00, a total income of $00.00, and expenditures of $00.00, and an ending balance of $00.00. 
      For November we had a beginning balance of $00.00, a total income of $00.00, and expenditures of $00.00, with an ending balance of $00.00.  A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as stated was made by Mark Hanner and seconded by Bev Kobylas. The membership voted to accept the treasurer report.  

     Overlooked was the September Treasurer’s report which is as follows; The beginning balance was 00.00 with a total income of $00.00, expenditures of $00.00, and an ending balance of $00.00. 

Calendar of Events for 2020-
            Jan- no meeting
            Feb 13- Mark Hanner, Succulents,
                          at Mayfield Twp. Hall
            March- Hosta College on 20th and 21st in Piqua, OH
            April, Aaron Strouse, Unique Michigan,
                          at Mayfield Twp. Hall
            May 14- Field trip to Melvyn Corner’s Nursery
                          (date may change)
            June 11- Member garden tour, need volunteer
            July 09- Member garden tour, need volunteer
            Aug 13- Member garden tour, need volunteer
            Sept 10- Plant Exchange at Suncrest of Lapeer
            Oct 08- C&C Green, Lily Bulbs, at Mayfield Twp. Hall
            Nov 12- EMHS Board meeting at Whitey’s in Davison
            Dec 10- Christmas Party at Mayfield Twp. Hall

Summer Member Garden Tour Meetings- We need volunteers to host the June, July, and August meetings.  Glen encouraged members that have never hosted a meeting to consider the opportunity to share their garden with the membership explaining that we all learn something from every garden no matter how new or small the garden. 

Hosta College- Will be held in Piqua, OH on March 20th and 21st.  
    The EMHS Board, at their Oct 10th meeting decided that EMHS would give away paid registrations to the 2020 Hosta College for any member that has never been to Hosta College.   The member would be responsible for the additional class fees as well as their own travel expenses and lodging.  

Election of Officers- President and Treasurer elections is on even years.   Glen asked for volunteers for the two positions.   There were no volunteers.  Glen and Barb have offered to continue in their current respective positions for the next term. 

Thank you- Glen thanked each of the EMHS Board members for their hard work that comes with their positions and for their dedication to EMHS.  
   Glen also thanked Jan and Ken Zawisa for their work in setting up each meeting’s potluck and cleaning up after each meeting.
   This year’s speakers and members that shared their gardens for the summer garden meetings were mentioned and thanked. 
    The membership was thanked for their dedication to EMHS and their kindness to our visitors
as well as the donations made to the monthly door prizes/raffles and the fantastic potlucks. 

2020 Plant Sale- Cathy Hodgson from the Fund-Raising Committee presented the plant choices made for the 2020 Plant Sale.   She further stated that a sale flyer and order sheet will be made and emailed out to the membership when compilation is completed. 

Announcements – Barb Hunter suggested that EMHS make a donation to the Votech Agri science/Horticulture Scholarship Fund in honor of Jim and Lorraine Jessop.  Bev Kobylas explained the guidelines that were set for the students applying for this scholarship and questions from the membership were answered.  
    Rob Trott made a motion for EMHS to make a one-time $500.00 donation to the fund.  The motion was seconded by Paulette Johnson.   The membership voted unanimously to make the donation.
    The new rules for the Mayfield Twp. Hall were announced by Barb Hunter.   The main change being that we are responsible for cleaning the Hall after the meeting.   Members were asked to please help clean up after the meeting. 

Next meeting – February 13th, 2020 at Mayfield Twp. Hall.   Mark Hanner will be the speaker and present “Tender and Hardy Succulents for Northern Gardeners”.

Gift Exchange- The anonymous exchange of gifts was made by drawing numbers.

Adjourned – Steve Balabon made the motion to adjourn.   Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Glen Pace
EMHS President

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