Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Meeting Minutes for August 9th, 2018

The Meeting – was held at the home of Sandy Vukonich

Networking – 5:00 PM, set up refreshments, sign in and stroll through Sandy’s gardens

Potluck – the meeting was called to order by President Glen Pace at 6:00 PM

Business Meeting – the meeting was called back to order by President Glen Pace at 7:00 PM, visitors were introduced and Glen thanked Sandy for opening her gardens for the membership to enjoy.

Approval of Minutes – There were no corrections to the minutes from the July 12, 2018 meeting. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Steve Balabon and seconded by Bruce Pollard. The membership voted to accept July’s meeting minutes.

Treasurer’s Report – Barb Hunter, treasurer gave the report for July 2018.  We started with a beginning balance of $XXX.xx, added a total income of $XX.xx, and had total expenditures of $XX.xx, leaving the club with an ending balance of $XXX.xx.  Motion to accept July’s treasurer report was made by Joy Boots and seconded by Robin Bratton.  The membership voted to accept July’s treasurer’s report.

Plant Sale inventory – as of August 8, 2018, we had 2 Half & Half, 2 Honey Bear and 1 Lemon Kiss left. 

Calendar of Events – Glen Pace went over the upcoming meetings.  Next meeting is at Patricia & Pat Majors home and it is our annual plant exchange. Since we do not have a speaker, we will not have an October meeting. November 8, 2018, is the annual board meeting at Whitey’s in Davison. Any member is welcome to come and sit in. December 13, 2018, will be our annual Christmas party and it will be held at the Mayfield Twp. Hall

Plant Exchange – Will be held at the Major’s home in Goodrich. Rules for plant exchange, no invasive plants, the donor decides if their plant or garden related donation goes on the $5 table or into the regular exchange.  Not limited to plants, can bring garden art, water wands, birdhouses, etc. Please try to bring five-dollar bills or check if taking from $5 table to make it easier for change.

October Meeting – As of today we do not have a speaker so the meeting will be canceled.

Name badges – sign sheet if you need one.

Raffle & Door prizes – thank you to Sandy Vukonich, Glen Pace, Kathy & Mick Hodgson, Gene Arms, Wanda Rybak, Pat Major, Teresa Dillon, and Jim & Lorraine Jessop for their donations.

Other announcements – Glen Pace will be checking to see how much it will cost the club to rent a bus to tour a member’s home that does not have available parking.  More details will be available at a later date.

Next Meeting – is September 13, 2018, at the Majors home in Goodrich.

Adjourned – a motion was made by Ethan Griffith to adjourn the meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:32 PM.

Respectfully Submitted

Marlene Daniels, Secretary

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